Daylight Investigations

Light St.Petersburg yards


Karim Shammazov, Adelina Abdullina


Ilnar Akhtiamov,

Rezeda Akhtiamova


Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering


Russian Federation

Light St.Petersburg yards

Project Description

Good afternoon! We want to talk about the problem that we are solving in our project. These are yard- wells in St. Petersburg! They are the historical memory of the city, but living there is not entirely pleasant. Various problems: -Sunlight does not reach the lower floors because the building casts a shadow over itself -People have a feeling of "eternal night", a desire to go out into the open space, they are covered by claustrophobia and depression -Poor lighting negatively affects vision, reduces performance, leads to fatigue and causes headaches and insomnia -The circadian cycle and biorhythms collapses -In such yards it is dark, with the exception of a few weeks of July, about 12 hours We offer a suspended structure made of monolithic polycarbonate. Such material is durable it is not subject to sunshine, it has unique resistance to shock loads, it is hardly flammable and it does not ignite under direct exposure to open fire, it melts without emitting toxic gases. On our project polycarbonate plates are multilevel and have vertical mirror sticker stripes for greater penetration and reflection of light. It is all suspended from metal cables and pulled over yards. Š¢hanks to this, the sun will be able to get in and play at the bottom of the dark courtyard. And the "Light" form will not become a barrier to the sky. So, we conducted an analysis of the yards of St. Petersburg and realized that most of the yard- wells are located parallel to the north, so we offer place the structure in the direction of the northeast. In this position, we increase the efficiency of the structure. And also we can use the system 7 hours a day, and in good weather 10 hours. This is how we solve not only the problems that arise in yard- wells, but also -complement the architectural image with light forms -make the space in the yard better and brighter -also introduce a functional installation in the city -exactly so windows in the courtyards can finally let in natural light into the apartments -cheer up even in such a overcast city Thank you for the attention!