Daylight in Buildings

Light Symphony: Singapore Innovation Pavillion


xingcheng huang


David Lieberman


University of Toronto



Light Symphony: Singapore Innovation Pavillion

Project Description

The project is located in Singapore which becomes a center of innovation and research and development at the heart of the world’s most dynamic economic region. The fast-growing start-up communities in Singapore raise the need for collaborative spaces and facilities. Can buildings help change the way we innovate? How do we apply light to create a healthy and inspiring public space that promotes collaboration and efficiency for innovators and researchers? The Innovation Pavilion project will compose a wonderful light symphony to bring the ideals of function and harmony into the visions of architectural ideation. Incorporating traditional wood architecture design with climate-responsive strategies, the building lifts its roof to bring sufficient light into the building while preventing summer light overheating the building with reflective roof surfaces. The illuminated atrium space embraces energetic and lively feelings resembling sonata rhythm. Following the initial passionate sense of welcoming is a gentle melody called andante. The integration of building and surrounding gardens and forest allow stressed workers to relax their strenuous minds by providing them a connection to the natural outdoor through the introduction of skylight and quality views. When light and shadow dance on the interior sculptural walls and structures, innovators will appreciate the beauty of nature and increase their imagination and inspiration for innovation challenges, referring to dancelike minuet tempo. The building creates impressive dialogues between humans and God by introducing skylight and god rays inside the wood tower enclosed space. The light symphony ultimately encourages people to explore their spiritual world and inner peace, which is a beautiful process that enhances unity between nature and humanity and leaves a lasting sense of positive well-being on building occupants.