Daylight Investigations

Light the Dandelions


Argjire Gashi


Jan Dekeyser


Katholieke Universiteit Leuven



Light the Dandelions

Project Description

The site for the light investigation is in Prishtina capital city of Kosovo.This location is a big wooded park which is the biggest park of this city. I was born in Prishtina and I visited this place regularly that's why I choose it since I know its pros and cons that I could work on. Kosovo itself has intense sunlight especially in summers where the angle of the sun comes up to 70° angle but the site of project the sun is located in direction of woods so there is only some rays that go through the trees. The evening become dark very early and because there isn't any good lightning in this place it's very hard to walk through in these times. The idea and main concept was to bring a light that can bring in perspective the magical features of the wooded park. The form started from the dandelions , like they are spread in the fields of greenery , these lights would be small spheres that imitate them. These spheres are reflective glass since any speck of rays that can hit them they can reflect the sunlight through them to create dynamic atmosphere in daylight while at night they are powered through fiber optic cables that have different light.The colors balance each other since there are both warm and cold colors. The fiber optic cables go along the trunk of the tree and than they are connected with solar collector which would be located on top of the trees. The sunlights is very intense and the collectors which would be along every tree they can light up all the field which needs light. The collectors have absorbtion and reflection properties so that they can collect as much energjy as they can. This installation was envisioned as a temporary one because of the cables and great change of season , however if the installation is accepted from the public and it suits them it can continue as permanent one with some modification for the protection of the materials.