Daylight in Buildings

Light - The ring of thought


Jie Chang


Soochow University


China - Mainland

Light - The ring of thought

Project Description

A funeral, meaning a funeral and burial. The funeral home, a special public place bearing contemporary funeral activities and ceremonies, is the place where people say their final farewell to the deceased. The memorial of death and how to view the essence of life give the funeral building a unique architectural soul. How to let people an objective view of death and the essence of life, and through the burial places unique architectural soul washing people's hearts, improve the spirit of the relationship between the living and the dead in the funeral architecture space is sustained and connection, let people to talk to the dead with their conversation, better their memorial for the deceased and the thinking of life. To better convey and explain the theme of how to commemorate death, we hope to create a spiritual space for the living and the dead to "talk", so that people can face up to the meaning of life and death, so as to enrich the connotation of architectural space creation and highlight the importance of light in funeral architectural space. In the subconscious mind, light represents life and hope, and darkness represents death and fear. The application of light in the space of funeral architecture is crucial. The appearance of light in the space of funeral architecture endows the funeral architecture with new architectural soul and meaning. Light plays a guiding and symbolic role in the ritual space. In a funeral home, the mourning space needs a quiet and solemn atmosphere. Therefore, in the main mourning architecture, tall columns are used to form a rectangular array in the space, and light is projected from the center of the columns to the interior space, giving the whole space sequence identity. The projection of column and light brings people a kind of sacred and solemn spiritual feeling. The changing light creates the illusion of one world after another. The introduction of natural light creates a different atmosphere of space, which can enhance the psychological transformation of the crowd during the mourning ceremony. The memorial center of the building is a large atrium that connects two small funeral homes. At the center of the atrium and on either side stand square columns. Below the central pillar of the atrium space is a circular pool. The line is projected into the pool below the pillar through the circular window at the top of the building, giving a feeling of "round sky and place". The light source of the projection to attract the eyes of the crowd, the reflection in the pool as if is another unreal world, give a person with "true also false false also true" feeling. In the public area of the main building, there is a curved interior space. The towering interior draws an infinite upward spiritual space. People feel mysterious, solemn, solemn and shocked psychological feelings. The surrounding light is projected into the inner space, bringing people hope and light, making people rethink the essence and connotation of life.