Daylight Investigations

Light to dispel mosquitoes


Zihan Zhou, Zhiyuan Tian, Su Wang, Die Xie


Lei Chen


Northeastern University


China - Mainland

Light to dispel mosquitoes

Project Description

The site is located in the Philippines, where Manila is the capital of the Philippines and has many skyscrapers, but there is a huge gap between the rich and the poor. Slums, no stable electricity and drainage systems, frequent fires and typhoons, people living in the slums have no reliable source of food, while drinking from contaminated water sources, and a large number of mosquitoes breed in the gutters each year when the rainy season begins, including Aedes mosquitoes transmit dengue fever, which sickens large numbers of people every year, and there is no cure for it, especially in the slums, where people cannot afford to go. Treating the disease, 14 million people in the Philippines are reported to be infected with dengue fever in 2019, with child mortality rates much higher than adults. The design aims to use light to repel mosquitoes and collect mosquito carcasses, and solar photovoltaic panels for power supply to reduce the number of mosquitoes in the slums to some extent, reduce the speed and spread of dengue fever, and provide a relatively healthy environment for the slum population.