Daylight in Buildings

light up wards


Junsheng Tan, Xueqing Hu


Chunyang Zhang


South China University of Technology


China - Mainland

light up wards

Project Description

Due to the large population and less construction land per capita in China, most hospitals are high-rise buildings, and intensive three-room wards are common in inpatient wards of public hospitals. The three-room ward brings convenience to the nursing unit, but the three-room ward has the problems of deep opening and uneven internal lighting. In addition to the beds on the outer wall have good daylighting, the other two beds can not be directly reached by natural light. Natural lighting is conducive to the patient's physical recovery and maintain a good psychological state during the rehabilitation treatment. In order to improve the daylighting condition of the ward and provide a good inpatient environment for the patients during rehabilitation treatment, we designed the upper sunlight layer and reflective louvers of the facade in the ward. Through the design of daylighting path, the sun light can penetrate into the interior of the ward. Sunlight is reflected into the corridor of the ward through curved reflective louvres on the facade, increasing the illumination of the entire ward space. The upper layer of sunlight is specifically designed for patients whose wards are away from external walls. Each patient can independently control the Angle of reflector in the sunshine layer, and choose whether to let sunlight shine into his bed through the sunshine layer according to the activity needs.