Daylight in Buildings

Lighthouse, Reborn


Cekai Weng, Haotong Xia


Xinyu Wan


Shenzhen University


China - Mainland

Lighthouse, Reborn

Project Description

Design focus on Diaolou buildings of Qiang minorities, who mostly dwell in hilly areas, in Ngawa Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan Province. Diaolou building is tall, made up of piled up stones and its small window make it resist strong wind. Historically, Diaolou has defence and living function. It's a kind of unique and important building for the local with strong ethnic characteristic and rich culture. Nowadays, more and more tourists come to this once occluded area. But Diaolou buildings are gradually abandoned. Defense function gone and dim environment inside is no longer suitable for daily use. They are threatened because of earthquake, human factors and weather. Because the walls are closed, we use band new materials, transparent epoxy resin and hardener mix fluorescent powder to repair the damaged Diaolou. It changes with environment and shows a dynamic growth state, every damage it suffered is part of history. In the daytime, daylight gets through gaps between wall. At night, the rifts become bright and bring light to people. Diaolou building is a monument of history and the center of the Qiang people's lives.