Daylight Investigations

Lighthouse within mountain


Wan-Chi Lee, Chien-An Chen


Ping-Hsun Lee


National United University



Lighthouse within mountain

Project Description

Yu shan ,which is the tallest mountain in Taiwan,also the one of world wonders. Because of it’s high topograohy relief, the climate is vertically distributed. Our CMA(Climate Meteorological Center) has built a meteorologic station on top of the mountain, which has been recording the weather changes and updates the latest data for almost 70 years since Japanese period. Now it’s mission is to send weather forecasts to people who lives in Taiwan. By the way, Yu Shan still have aborigines, the biggest group is called ‘’BUNO” , who have been lived in here hundred years ago, they regard Yushan as a sacred area (holy mountain), also, their culture and livelihood are all connected to the mountain, their feature is the symbol of sun and snake, which can often observed on their clothes. The instrument is combined with the characteristics of the high mountain light environment of Yushan, then with the unique high-energy sunlight on the high mountain. Mountainer, who is the main participant in Yu shan, often in danger because do not have enough mountaineering knowledge to cope with the sudden situation during the mountaineering, it may lead to mountain accident. There is having a degree of difficulty in mountain rescue. Accidents that occur at low altitudes are easy to rescue due to external roads. However, the high altitude and complex terrain of Yushan make most high-altitude rescue operations difficult to reach,and searching is also a big problem. The search and rescue operation always depends on the helicopter, and the cost is relatively high;and the worst is it will possibly postponed by poor weather conditions, which can occur when the helicopter cannot take off or land or drive in bad weather conditions and cannot provide timely assistance. The worst thing is the rescuers always put themselves in a high-risk The high altitude of Yushan allows the observer to overlook the surrounding environment and record the climate data of the mountain. Some observers said that if they find a climber deviating from the general path, they will call the climbers back on track. If this design can prevent mountaineers getting lost, or help them back on track after getting lost, they can reduce accidents and reduce search and rescue costs. We hope to combine the use of sunlight with the unique characteristics of Yushan to develop a helpful design.