Daylight in Buildings

Lighting guidance: a flowing mourning journey


Qixuan Hu


David Vardy


Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University


China - Mainland

Lighting guidance: a flowing mourning journey

Project Description

Whilst alive, humans are like the leaves of a tree, blowing in the wind; and after death, the body, like a fallen leaf, comes to rest on it’s roots, and to reintegrate with nature. This is the philosophical metaphor about life and death that underpins the design of an integrated cemetery-resomation structure, encouraging the idea of water as the sustenance of the subjective spirit, and helping the deceased relatives and friends understand and accept the cycle of life. Following a carefully deigned sequence, light and water are the guiding elements leading a farewell journey. The project weaves together a series of subterranean spaces with a canal running from a mountain reservoir, and a network of surface water field drains. The light appears at the appropriate time and guides the relatives through the entire mourning journey with various gestures. Before the funeral, light was restrained; when the funeral begins, the remain liquid of resomation flows to the center of funeral hall. The direct lighting from the huge skylight shines on the surface of liquid, and complete the last sparkle of life.