Daylight Investigations

Liquid light


Zhangfeng Huang, Feng Gao, Fei He, Jingyi Luo, Xiangyi Zheng


Yanmei Liu


Southwest Universityfor Nationalities


China - Mainland

Liquid light

Project Description

The light around us always travels in straight lines, which is why we cannot see an entire corner or object in all directions. Imagine that as we break out of the conventional rules of physics and enter the quantum realm, the properties of matter begin to gravitate toward the properties of waves. Light becomes the "fifth form" of matter, a Bose-Einstein condensate, which can flow around the object, reaching every corner, with zero friction and zero viscosity. When light becomes "liquid" and flows to every corner without being blocked by obstacles, the restrictions of natural lighting in modern buildings, such as basements or traditional ancient buildings, can be well solved, and the energy consumption caused by artificial lighting can be saved at the same time.