Daylight in Buildings

Love is everything, light even love


Xueting Li, Jialin Xie


Lili Wang


Shanghai International Studies University


China - Mainland

Love is everything, light even love

Project Description

The idea about the light of architecture is to make a building healed by light. In the current city, on the crowded subway, in the dense office buildings, on people's faces, it is easy to see the state of mental sub-health. There are also more and more social diseases, so we focus on people with depression. Although the disease is slowly showing up in front of the public, people still have too little understanding, and the understanding of this group is not high or even misunderstood. Depression is a psychological "cold" and is a common emotional disorder. It is manifested as a relatively silent person on weekdays, likes to indulge in his own spiritual world, and does not want to interact with people. They are more willing to be called people with extreme desire for light than patients. The vitamin D produced by sunlight is good for the treatment of depression. I hope that through this building, light can have a different performance and bring them to cure them. So we wanted to build an independent house on Dongji Island, which is surrounded by the sea and has a beautiful scenery and a pleasant climate. Here you can communicate and talk and relax. The central idea is the different manifestations of the conservatory and the light. Light appears in different forms, and in this building feels light in different forms and in different directions. The good view of the sun room is full of light. Combined with natural photosynthesis, green plants play a big role in this building, not only for the evolution of air but also for visual relaxation and architectural enrichment. This building does not use traditional window opening, giving more expression to the light. The opening of the gaps and holes, the different changes of light and shadow. The window is opened longitudinally on the cylinder, and the surrounding height is high. The combination of openness and envelopment. Dropping the aperture from the dome is a sense of redemption. Show more division of light, contrast of light and dark. The building is split into layers, like the waves hitting the rock, adding more lighting surface, making the building transparent and breathable, not only the wind but also the light can pass through the building. Light and shadow, only light has shadow. Out of the shadow is light, I hope this building containing light can heal the shadow in people's hearts.