Daylight Investigations

Lucky Look


Fabian De Vriendt


Jan Moens


Ghent University


Korea (Republic of)

Lucky Look

Project Description

Lucky Look refers to the Belgian comic character Lucky Luke, ‘The man who shoots faster than his shadow”. The project is a research to make contemporary architecture more playful. The shadows plays a role in the perception of a building façade. As the sun rises during day, the orientation, size and contrast of shadows change. In the morning, the façade will be lit almost horizontally, without defining hard shadows. The dept of the window openings aren’t clearly defined or readable. Around noon, when the sun is on it’s highest point, it defines hard shadows. It has a different orientation compared to morning shadows. The same for the last bits of daylight. The ‘golden hour’. A façade that is lit in the morning, will never be lit in the evening. During day the shadow will creep over the façade. Not only the days change the shadows, also the seasons make differences. The shadow changes during day, but we can ‘Razzle Dazzle’ it up. Different angles and orientations in one façade creates a dancing effect, even though it is just a rectangular volume of the building. The shadows make the façade like a painting, with a continuous changing composition. The sun as it’s painter. It will never look the same. Even when the architect tries to create a composition, the painting will almost never appear like the architect wanted it. Only the Lucky Look shows the real drawing.