Daylight Investigations

Lumeau A River Of Light


George Georgiev, Delyan Bonev


Nora Yordanva


Universitet po Arhitektura, Stroitelstvo i Geodezia



Lumeau A River Of Light

Project Description

Video: Lumeau / River of light is an outdoor construction that can twist the day light so that it would refresh the open spaces that normally are avoided when the intensive heat during the summer strikes. The main idea is to have water flow through the construction, and by doing so, it would create ever changing light effects under it as well as acting as a heat and a light UV rays shield. This construction has two main purposes. To create a living fun place for people to gather while protecting them from the heat, thus bringing life to open spaces that previously are left unused die to the scorching sun. And a second to give in the idea of a green city, by bringing small rivers back to the city . Using Lego like modules the length and the overran design can be changed to fit its surrounding perfectly, making this design very flexible to where it can placed. In the water fluorescent agents can be added, so that it could also emit light during the night. The construction itself is pretty simple. In the core its a pergola through which water flows in a closed manner between two sheets of glass or PVC. The water starts flowing from the first module and gets transported back from the last via pipes and a pump hidden inside the columns of the constructions and underground. The other details are shown in the board.