Daylight in Buildings

LUX 1100


Simone Pointner, Thomas Wendl


Hildegard Sint


FH Campus Wien



LUX 1100

Project Description

The LUX 1100 adds a new sport and cultural facility to the site of the Ankerbrot-Factory in Vienna. It gathers people to enjoy their favourite sports or to create art together in a surroundig where these factors are needed to improve the cities infrastructure. Especially the younger generation gets the opportunity to discover new forms of expressing themself. The LUX 1100 consists of a uniform building structure, into which a barrier-free ramp was inserted in the middle for access. This ramp winds upwards with a maximum gradient of 6% and flows smoothly into the different floors on both sides. From the second floor upwards, the ramp is slightly offset and allows the central open space to better absorb sunlight. Through the main entrance at the front of the building, a passageway leads to the large, light-flooded hall, which can accommodate light installations and other art exhibitions in addition to the ramp. In the rear part there is a large two-storey exhibition hall, which is lit through a band of windows and a glazed ceiling opening. Above it there are further exhibition areas for art and cultural events. In the front part of the building there are rooms for various sports, such as a dance studio or yoga rooms. The flat roof is accessible and can be used for outdoor sports in summer. The associated cloakrooms are located on the ground floor.