Daylight in Buildings

M+ Flowing Light


Zibo Zhao, Xinyuan Gao, Wenhao Nie, Yimin Chen


Fen Xiao


Nanchang University


China - Mainland

M+ Flowing Light

Project Description

At the beginning of the new year, the world we live in has been hit by a sudden epidemic, the coronavirus, which has been raging for months. A large number of mobile cabin hospitals have been built to cope with the surge in patients. In the narrow room, far away from home, no sky light, only pale and tasteless artificial light source...What can we offer patients when they experience the pain, loneliness, and even death? This design is intended to bring a variety light and shadow experience to the ward of the mobile hospital with a single light form. M+ Flowing Light , a circular skylight above each hospital bed, is added to the skylight with a magnetic fluid filter interlayer. The magnetic field is generated around the skylight by an electrified spiral wire, and the Lorentz force generated by the magnetic field attracts the magnetic fluid to produce rich shapes. The shape of the magnetic fluid is controlled by four directions of spiral wires in the lower peripheral structure, and the size of the magnetic fluid is controlled by a circle of wires in the upper structure. The patient can scan the code through the mobile app to connect with the Flow Light corresponding to his hospital bed. In the app, they can adjust the shape of the light and shadow independently to make the light and shadow diffuse, aggregate, or be as gentle as the moon, or like the flowing cloud, or deep as the lake, making people think infinitely... In the depressing mobile hospitals, when the sick are haunted, you can feel the change of the sun through the light and shadow, and the dancing of the light and shadow is like the beating of life. When patients are lonely, through the light to give them hope, encourage them to live strong, fight with the disease, face the pain calmly, expect to see the sunshine of tomorrow.