Daylight in Buildings

Market of the light


Wang Leling, Liu Jiafei, Aoyan Mo


Zhang Bo


Luxun Academy of Fine Arts


China - Mainland

Market of the light

Project Description

In 2020, a new coronavirus broke out in Wuhan, China, with a strong social impact. As the first outbreak of the epidemic, the South China Seafood Wholesale Market has many potential problems and shortcomings. This is not just a problem in the South China seafood market, but a common problem in the traditional vegetable market during the development of China's urbanization: short space scale, mixed flow of people, poor ventilation and drainage, and aging equipment. This time our group focused on how to introduce light into the dim and narrow vegetable market space, give the vegetable market space new vitality, and affect people's shopping experience in the new space to improve the quality of air circulation in the space and use light to guide human shopping behavior. Divide the vegetable market space area. To this end, we designed a new umbrella structure to control the relationship between light and people. The biggest difference between the new market and the original market is the ceiling. The ceiling of the new technology market is composed of countless dynamic folding umbrella devices. Under the umbrella of a unit is a market stall. A unit's folding umbrella consists of four parts of the smallest unit umbrella. This device has many different forms to face different sun rays, temperature and weather changes. Rainy days can be set in a tiled state to block rain. When the temperature is low, all umbrellas can be gathered into a cross-frame shape, and the largest area of