Daylight in Buildings

Microclimatic Greenhouses


Piotr Lisowski, Gabriela Łapińska


Katarzna Słuchocka


Politechnika Poznańska



Microclimatic Greenhouses

Project Description

Tropical savanna climate is unfavourable in many aspects. The desert terrains aren’t abundant with flora that is edible for humans, which is a huge inconvenience while traveling there. The soil plays a key role, which consists mostly of sand. Its properties don’t allow for long-term holding of water. It results in very low air humidity and great temperature increase, reaching up to 60°C, which correlates with ground’s temperature, which at times fluctuates between 70 and 85°C. In order to expedite and improve the comfort of travels, we propose new type of construction, which thanks to its innovative character would not only give an opportunity to take a break, but also to use otherwise unavailable resources. It would mimic a terrarium, which has its own, separate microclimate. The object would be equipped with a electrochromic glass. Its technology consists of applying a special layer filled with crystal particles in liquid form between two glass panes, which allows for substantial decrease in temperature in the rooms. A small burst of electricity changes the opacity of the glass, which results in a change of optical properties of it. Rooms that are meant for plant cultivation would have an optimized watering system.