Daylight in Buildings

Mind greenery


Hao-Chen Tzu, Yu-Ying Li, Zhen-Yie Gao, Yu-Ting Chen


Chung-Yi Chang


Kun Shan University, Taiwan



Mind greenery

Project Description

Modern people suffer more stress in their lives and more depressed emotions, which led to uncountable serious mental illnesses. In the age of more and more convenient technology, they gradually do not care about the people around them, reduce social skills and become closed. Thus, the disease of civilization of mental illnesses for modern people cannot be ignored. Reducing depression and stress through green spaces is helpful to improve social and cognitive functions. In urban planning and design, a priority should be given to safe and well-managed green spaces. The most effective method at green spaces encourages the person walk out and social interaction such as park. However, the utilization of green space both physically and visually affects physical and mental health, and the frequency of exposure to green nature is also more important. The Mental Health Center provides a patient-friendly medical environment, that make an opening and bright indoor space, which relaxes and be comfortable outpatient space, a clear instructions and a full sense of security environment, through the company of friends and family, good medical treatment, re-enter the crowd, open the atrium to embrace this world and feel the beauty of this world. Consequently, the vision will be even broader outside the window.