Daylight Investigations

Moments of Sun


Albina Iberdemaj


Jan Dekeyser


Katholieke Universiteit Leuven



Moments of Sun

Project Description

The spirit of the place can be experienced through movement. The movement of the visitors and the movement of light characterizes this project. The building consists of two diverse spaces: the circular pathway characterized by movement and the center space characterized by stillness. The light entering these spaces is different. The panels at the side opening of the pathway diffuse the light- resembling a cloudy day, which gives a calming feeling to the visitors. This side opening follows along the path to the center space, leading the visitors to it. The space in the center is filled with light coming from the openings in the ceiling. This light is direct light-resembling the sun rays in nature. The openings direct the sunlight similarly to how nature does. The building shows the moments of the Sun, the different types of light reaching Earth and how sunlight can be experienced from a different perspective. A slow space - creates an atmosphere that slows time and generates deep meaningful experiences. The goal of the project is this, to become a space which makes the users slow down, experience it and engage with their senses.