Daylight in Buildings

MOTABILEM | Living Light


Matthias Bilkovsky, Joseph Gansger


Hildegard Sint


FH Campus Wien



MOTABILEM | Living Light

Project Description

Motabilem [lat. moving] - Living light in motion. Living means moving. Both physically and mentally. Motabilem offers space for this: Those who want to rise high and rise above themselves can go vertical in the climbing hall. Here the world lies at your feet. Those who want to turn horizontal circles can surrender to the music in the dance studio. The bar and restaurant area are places to exchange ideas, to make plans together, to move mentally into the future and into the past. The sauna offers the possibility to let your thoughts wander and arrive at the moment. Living means living through circuits. The light enters the building through circular openings, the sunlight and the shadows it creates in the building move with the day.