Daylight in Buildings

Mou Banyan Interactive Installation


Shengjia Zhang


Yifei Li


Shenzhen University


China - Mainland

Mou Banyan Interactive Installation

Project Description

The background subject of this projectrailway station updated projcet. It is based on the discussion of interactive architecture. The interactive art installation was involvedstation, which activated the public space of thesite and enriched the public activities. This project addresses the problem of vitality deficiency in Futian Highthe space under Banyan tree,it was a typical traditional metaphor of public node in Shenzhen, China and was easy to be transformed into an art installation in public space. The project purposes to offer a space for people in the station to adjust themselves or say goodbye to their family and friends. The light and shadow effects were created through the mechanism of turning the lattice screen automatically, and the psychological self-mediation performance was achieved through the interaction between people and the installation. This project will evoke the probing question of how to recall nature experience in fast-paced urban space for individual escapism .-speed Railway Station which calls for a mature mechanism existed in the local context as Rongshutouinspiration. Futianthe Futiancalled