Daylight Investigations

Multiforms of Light


Lorena Larisa Bunda, David Da Silva Matos


Ana Bordalo


Instituto Superior Manuel Teixeira Gomes



Multiforms of Light

Project Description

"color is freed from objective context and becomes the subject in itself." The essence of our idea is merging color fields and light in an urban context, in order to influence space and people. We use the term light not only to describe the physical world, but to describe abstract things such as emotion; something that is pure, clean, we describe it as being 'light'. Or to describe something that doesn't weigh much, is easy - whether it be an object or a feeling, we use the term loosely to describe something that is, well, light. By combining color and light, it creates a different space perception, which aims to break the monotony of a „grey“ city. Artists and architects have long understood that colours can affect our feelings, emotions and mood, e.g. Mark Rothko describes the relationship between color and human emotion as a profund form of communication. In our idea we propose a device which creates a coloured holographic surfaces that materializes into contained spaces to enhance urban life. As a side effect, it could illuminate the cities during night, help them to be more efficient, by replacing conventional street lights and covering bigger areas. A future technological use could be the transmission of information through the holographic surface possibly creating a new era of how we perceive and experience cities. When a laser beam is split with the help of a defuser, this creates a laser surface of multiples beams, which can be reunited when reaching a receptor and this effect creates a layer that is a holographic surface. The holographic surface combined or not with natural light will project coloured light onto the ground. The application is quick and easy, the holographic laser devices must be installed on the facades or other supports, on a defined same level. Streets, public places or any other areas can be influenced by the holographic surface, it works horizontally and vertically, on a small or big scale. Thank you.