Daylight in Buildings

Multifunctional window


Przemysław Kiełb


Anna Lorens,

Piotr Kudelski


Politechnika Warszawska



Multifunctional window

Project Description

For centuries, the window has been the thinnest partition separating us from the external environment. In the era of a changing world and the problems it faces, the modern window must fulfill additional functions. The solution is the Multifunction Window. Using mechanisms known for centuries - the bellows of an old camera, inspired by nature - the eyes of a chameleon, and drawing on contemporary material discoveries, allows you to face the challenges of the modern world and the coming tomorrow. Sunlight has a very significant impact on people's well-being. Especially indoors where according to Velux we spend 90% of the time. Excess light, however, leads to many adverse effects. Overheating of the interior, the glow effect preventing work, high contrast in the lighting of the room. The lack of sun, in turn, has a negative impact on human health and psyche, which results in disorders called SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). This is especially visible in dense metropolis buildings or areas with little sun access. In addition, we are also affected by the problem of air pollution. It has a great impact on health and should not be underestimated when striving to improve the quality of indoor environments. 35% of Europeans mention the quality of air and daylight as determining factors when choosing a new home or apartment. The proposed window meets these requirements. By using materials with diffusion properties based on aerogel in the form of bellows, we change the direction of direct sunlight. This material combines insulating and light-scattering properties, it is also easy to clean. The use of steel hinges or actuators (depending on the window size and weight) with ball joints allows for any positioning of the glazing plane in relation to the façade plane. We can look for the sun or hide from it, illuminating the interior or darkening it accordingly. This mechanism can, depending on costs, operate manually or automatically. In addition, the material used at the bottom of the bellows filtering material (up to 10 microns) with a reflective layer from the inside, allows you to ventilate the room while protecting against air pollution. It also helps to light the interior if the window is completely extended. The compact frame design allows the existing shape of the window and facades to be preserved. The window can so far be opened or perform additional functions. Steel hinges placed in a rail connected to the frame allow for any positioning of the window while maintaining a compact form. Depending on the technology in which the building was build, or in which it is built, the window can be mounted inside the opening or directly to the ceiling as a curtain wall. Then the steel hinges are replaced with actuators. This will allow all customers to benefit from the new features. Improving the quality of the internal environment affects health and increases productivity. A simple procedure consisting in redefining the window, giving it new functions, it will be able to meet the requirements of an increasingly aggressive environment.