Daylight in Buildings

Nature Glass Panel


Maciej Drewiczewski


Anna Lorens,

Piotr Kudelski


Politechnika Warszawska



Nature Glass Panel

Project Description

Project „Nature Glass Panel” connects naturally existing effects of light which exist in the natural environment. The concept of the project focuses on creating window and curtain wall systems which can provide natural shade patterns with different permeability of light. Strength, depth and shape of the shade is dependent on plant species used between glass panels. “Nature glass panel” would be most beneficial in places where we don’t have a natural environment near us. It can be used to build architecture in city centres with dense urban development and no green squares or parks. This system is especially useful in places in the world with high level of sunshine. I propose to develop the “Nature Glass Panel system” basing it on the analysis of behaviour of light and shadow in the natural environment. This system could be used in home spaces and in work environment (office buildings) because of natural shadows which create a peaceful and calm atmosphere and improve concentration. “Nature Glass Panel” includes solar panels which supply artificial lighting and built in watering system. This solutions makes the whole product completely automatic.