Daylight in Buildings

parabolic mirror


ali abdo, ali abdul elah


ali abdo


Mansoura University



parabolic mirror

Project Description

Parabolic Mirror In Egypt there are many places that daylight does not reach, but this case is a study case that must be looked at because it is constantly increasing in its neglect. homeowners take advantage of the ground floor of their homes to build a small mosque, but without looking at the lighting and ventilation factors of that mosque, which is a place of security, comfort and tranquility, and the prayer’s connection to allah while he is in complete comfort The ventilation and lighting of the place is limited to the door of the mosque only Daylight plays a very important role in places of praying in general, through which a person reaches a state of reverence and psychological reassurance when dim light touches him. Design process . Divide the building into a module to know the best places to put reflective objects surrounding the prayers . Diagonal axis for more surrounding . Straight mirrors to reflect sunlight . Putting mirrors at different heights for making 3d light reflection . The wall was demolished next to the door and vertical wood were installed that work through the passage of sunlight and ventilation . After all, when the sun's rays fell on the straight mirrors, the reflected rays were very weak, so they were replaced to parabolic mirrors because they work to focus all the rays that are reflected in one point.