Daylight Investigations

pearl midnight, pearl river


Daiyao Zhao, Xinmei Liu, Yiyu Yan


Huang Xuan


Shanghai Jiao Tong University


China - Mainland

pearl midnight, pearl river

Project Description

At midnight, after turning off the street lamps the city always became totally dark. But at that time, some people still keep working or just start working.For example, the people working overtime, the street cleaners and so on. So we plan to create a kind of gentle and peaceful light to keep their company and heal the lonely hearts. We set the scene in Guangzhou whose outline of the skyscraper makes up the city’s skyline. And the Zhujiang River is next to the group of buildings. Everyday lots of boats ship in it, and it is rich in marine products such as shell and related products. The neon lamps light up at dusk to make this area appealing. However, after the short gaudiness the city turns to dark and horrible.