Daylight in Buildings

PERMEATOR——Here is nice sun light


Niu Yifan


luo Chuanwen


North China University of Technology


China - Mainland

PERMEATOR——Here is nice sun light

Project Description

Looking back on the school's development history, from the open [Confucius teaching under the tree] to the closed, and then from the closed to the open [active space], people slowly began to carry out activities in the box, we lost the corresponding with the specific space Sense of substance and place. Light has played an important role in the teaching space since ancient times. Provide lighting, light and heat for indoor and outdoor activities of students. We use the design methods of light and outgoing space to realize the possibility of both indoor teaching space and outdoor activities of students, breaking the tedious classroom teaching method of teaching by teachers and students only listening, opening the old closed teaching space, and integrating teaching and activities Space combination. Externally, the campus should belong to the public. By returning the bottom space to the city and sharing it with the city to alleviate the single problem of space use; internally, a new set of teaching building usage patterns [tube] was designed to meet the campus Multiple needs such as management, student autonomy, and external interaction.