Daylight in Buildings



Mohana Das




Politecnico di Milano




Project Description

The design intends to utilize and celebrate light in its most natural form. The daylight creates atmosphere. Many factors affect the building atmosphere. Natural light is one of the most important factors. Light is fundamental for space and essential for human well-being and it is the success of any building. Light quality affects human behaviour, health, comfort and mood. “Space and light and order. Those are the things that men need just as much as they need bread or a place to sleep” -Le Corbusier, August27, 1965 Natural light makes architectural more harmonious between the exterior and interior, nature and human. Light combined with some element like colours can make space more dynamic and more beautiful and it is a major natural element in architecture design. Understanding and use of light go to the heart of the architecture plan. Vision is the most important sense through which we experience architecture, and light is the medium that reveals space, form, texture and colour to our eyes. More than that, light can be employed through design to evoke an emotional response to increased sensibilities. Light is related to the visual experience of form and space. Architecture and light are in close relation. The residential complex designed has taken this concept forward and created a space that is beaming with natural daylight. The planning process reflects the importance of the role played by light. There is a seamless blending of the exterior and the interiors with the medium of large openings as much as possible. The Luxury Apartments ranging from 1 Bedroom Apartment to 3 Bedroom Apartment are planned in a way to maximize the views looking towards the plaza and have spacious well-lit rooms. Natural light provides us with the means to show spaces and volumes and interact with our environment to make people enjoy the space. The duplex apartments facing the plaza got a double-height which creates a space full of light and large glazing is the most attractive feature of the apartment. The angle of incident during different seasons is also kept in mind while designing to maximize the comfort level of the users. The facade system designed allows the interplay of natural daylight in the interiors as well as creates an ever-changing outer shell for the complex. The key feature of the design is the façade system that regulates the amount of light entering the building according to the need of the user. The exoskeleton of regular grids gives a stable yet very classy appearance overall in the neighbourhood of Milan. The duplex apartments are exclusively designed for users who need more area and luxurious lifestyle at the same time in the Tower B of the residential complex with just 4 units in which design and natural light are the outstanding characteristics. It has a high-end spatial arrangement that provokes the essence of plush living and extravagance. Natural materials, light textiles, utilitarian forms and sharp angles come together to define a varied yet cohesive character within this stylish space. This beautiful apartment is designed with unique art elements and specially created for one who appreciates the particularity of an exceptional and unique home filled with nature and light. The overall complex has been designed by adding elements that enhances the sense of place and belonging. The experience shall be always dynamic and different each time for the user. It is planned to add value to the neighbourhood and behave accordingly in the day and night exclusively. As with the other living areas, the light materials and clean lines offer the perfect frame for the Plaza view below and the other tower in the residential complex. Maximizing the entry of daylight into the interiors has been the primary approach for the design. The plaza designed also keeps a similar approach to transform the place into space where it promotes co-living and interaction at its best. The sunken plaza is another great zone that serves the dual purpose of connecting different areas into one and also to become a vibrant place for the residents to enjoy quality life at the doorstep.