Daylight in Buildings

PLAY WITH THE LIGHT——For Hope and Respect


Yan Lin, Xingdi Li


Yang Zhao,

Shuai Lu


Shenzhen University


China - Mainland

PLAY WITH THE LIGHT——For Hope and Respect

Project Description

Today, more than 70 million people are displaced around the world, nearly 25.9 million of whom are seeking asylum and becoming refugees in other countries.Studies have shown that refugee children are particularly vulnerable and are five times more likely to never go to school than non refugee children worldwide. Considering that in most cases, games can be exciting, relaxing and fun,we attempt to use light to create a safe and stable happy place for children who live in the camp of Kutubarang, one of the largest refugee camp in the world, trying to bring happiness and education to them and focus on making refugee children become real children.  The whole building is divided into three kinds of space,applying different lighting methods.Different light and shadows experiences are created by the overlapping of bamboo on the top, together with the changing bamboo wall.  With the heavy rain in the season, the filled soil will gradually washed away. At the same time, the children can also remove the soil that filled in the bamboo slubs when they are playing with the light, so that more and more light can enter the space, creating diverse ang variable light experiences and make it clear to those refugee children that nature can not only create disasters but also happiness and hope. Finally, a designable amusement for everyone to participate in is created. The main materials in the refugee camp are bamboo, so the application of bamboo can control the cost to some extent, and can also promote local people's participation in the construction of this building.In this design,the hollow slub are adopted as light channels, making it possible for people to transform the access of light, resulting in the possibility of playing with light.Additionally, the internal parts of the bamboo joints are filled with local soil,which can be used to create the enclosure structure. What's more, old tires with rammed earth are adopted as the overall support of the upper bamboo structure.