Daylight in Buildings

Points Of View: Self Of Our Library


Zhen-Yie Gao, Yu-Ying Li, Yu-Ting Chen, Hao-Chen Tzu


Chun-Chi Zhang


Kun Shan University, Taiwan



Points Of View: Self Of Our Library

Project Description

In the design, thinking about whether the sun can only be imported into the building through parallel windows, so in the design, I try to change the way to open the window from the original parallel way to the vertical way, and can make the sun, book wall, people into a vertical vein in the building. And in the building, thinking about the way of human use has a corresponding way of opening windows, some of the large and small, will import sunlight will not be overexposed, but also can catch the light just to the right quality, in the moral, sunlight is also a way to guide the direction of this library, so, the sun in this building, is a role, knowledge, but also the link between people and the building important link.