Daylight in Buildings

Positive Window


Yeganeh Yektaeian, Mohammad Hakim Azari


Hamidreza Eizadi


University of Art, Tehran



Positive Window

Project Description

Windows as the main diaphragm to the outdoor space are framing a view which is not always what we want. On the other hand, we as the users who are spending most of our time indoor, are not always able to go out freely, Pandemic time has been one of these examples. “Positive layer” is what could change a window to a more dynamic frame in terms of the quality of view and daylight, In an overcast sky day, you can get a warmer feeling in the morning and afternoon in addition to a cooler effect in the middle of the day by using the right slide of the thin role. What if you need another form of the frame inside your window? or how about having different patterns or types of transparency? Just roll it to your desired slide. This design gives you the option of manual mode and the Automatic which is empowered by a daylight sensor. It could react to the sun and skylight. Different Shading patterns Different transparency Different color themes ( color corrector films) Our main inspiration was the old school Negative films which were recording each scene in one segment. We see the windows that have colored glazing or specific glasses, but what if don't like them in certain time of a day/year, it's not easy to change the type of glass while using a building. The initial need for having a different type of window effect in each condition. It could be the third and fourth layer which sits between two layers of glazing, the film roles are located in the frame of the window, one moving vertically ( including color collectors and different transparencies) and one moves horizontally (including patterns and borders). So it is possible to have the combination of both layers, moreover, based on each project the contents could be designed to get what is needed.