Daylight in Buildings

Recycling daylight


Fernanda Tapia, Ámbar Cisternas, Belén Arellano


Amaya Glaria,

Francisco Ibarra


Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María



Recycling daylight

Project Description

Proposal focused on slums and populations of high density deprived of sunlight and quality of life, in this case our project is located in Dharavi, a suburb located towards the north of Bombay in India, contemplating the third most dense, poor and contrasting slum in the world. Bombay's population has almost doubled since 1991 to over 20 million people, and it is estimated that over half of the city's population lives in slums or on the streets. There are approximately 400,000 inhabitants per square kilometre, where only 24 per cent of the population has access to safe water and more than half the population lives on 6 per cent of the available land. An inevitable densification of the city compromises the quality of life, well-being and health of the people. Dharavi, which occupies the most valuable and coveted land in Mumbai, is its productive heart. Its narrow streets hide more than 15,000 one-room factories, which produce remarkably sophisticated goods for shopping malls and brands in the US and Europe. In addition to the ceramics and textile industries in Dharavi, there is a growing recycling industry that processes recyclable waste from other parts of Mumbai. In this labyrinthine neighbourhood, plastics from all types of packaging are shredded and discoloured and made into reusable materials. The project consists of a zenithal opening linked to a light duct made of bottles filled with water mainly for the diffusion of sunlight and perimeter elements to direct it according to people's needs. With this project we seek to increase the quality of life and health of the inhabitants by bringing natural light into the homes in a simple and economical way. Do it yourself!