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Reincarnation in the light







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Reincarnation in the light

Project Description

Life is not a beginning, and death is not an end. The myth of Shiva lives in Varanasi, the holy city of Hinduism, where Hindus bathe, sacrifice and cremation.In their opinion, scattering ashes into the river can release them from the suffering of reincarnation and ascend directly to heaven.Some even throw dead bodies, relics and funeral objects straight into the river and let them drift.The excess phosphorus, carbon and other elements produced in this process lead to algae blooms in the river water, and the discharge of industrial acid wastewater, resulting in the problem of eutrophication. Hindus, however, believe that the Ganges has the power to clean itself, and never cease to pursue their inner faith. To say that the Ganges is polluted is an insult.In recent years, India has launched a "Ganges Governance plan" aimed at cleaning up the Ganges, but it has suffered major setbacks due to conflicts between cultural beliefs and local religious beliefs. We have designed a balloon device, through the capillary action of nano soft glass tube, can inhale the spontaneity, the river water by osmosis of phosphorus (main pollutants), calcium separation, both in the role of light down into a high index of refraction of apatite, light through to the bottom of nanometer apatite glass tube, produce multiple the arrangement of the cat's eye effect, become a beam of light, a number of balloon light together towards the shiva god created the sky, the balloon after degradation apatite became the fertilizer of the earth, into the Ganges everything new beginning. The purpose of this design is to alleviate the pollution problem of the Ganges river without destroying the religious activities of Hindus and all other activities along the river, and even strengthen the role of Hindu belief, so as to establish the connection between pollution control and religious belief and form a complete system.