Daylight in Buildings

Relighting JingDezhen


Li Jin, Xue Jialu, Wang Jixian


Li Xiaoxu


Harbin Institute of Technology


China - Mainland

Relighting JingDezhen

Project Description

Face up to the conflict between the new and the old through the technology of the new era. We use a new way to lighten the memory in Jingdezhen's heart, awaken people's memory of the old city, and stimulate the vitality of the old city. The new chimneys talk to the old chimneys that are going to disappear. With the passage of time, the old chimney gradually disappeared, and the new spiritual symbol took over the symbol in a new way.Ten porcelain factories are the soul of Jingdezhen. The pattern of Jingdezhen is formed by the combination of small factories serving the ceramic industry. The chimneys of every small factory are full of stories about the endless number of people in Jingdezhen. The ten porcelain factories are formed by the combination of small workshops in a certain area. The tall chimneys have already become an integral part of people's life here and become the soul of the city. But with the development of the times, the innovation of industrial structure, the innovation of technology, and the emergence of new space demands. The old space is no longer suitable, and the chimneys in people's hearts have fallen one by one. The great city has lost the flavor of history. We complete the cultural heritage and spatial transformation in a new way of light.