Daylight Investigations

Renaissance With Light: rebirth of the oil platform


Juejin Jiang, Yanqing Yang, Jun Wang


Liangliang Wang


Xiamen University


China - Mainland

Renaissance With Light: rebirth of the oil platform

Project Description

We are concerned about such a problem: some oil platforms on national borders face the double "critical". On the one hand, they may cause pollution to the ocean and the huge cost of dismantling after decommissioning. On the other hand, their existence can also exacerbate political sensitivity: issues such as the ownership of resources. However, recent research has confirmed that reuse and redevelopment are much cheaper than complete demolition and brand new buildings. Therefore, we revive it with sunlight, pursue the exploration of light, and think about a new definition of the oil platform. Subject-Daylight The project focuses on the physical characteristics of sunlight. Although it is white and odorless, it is visible in different media. Although it can't be touched directly, it can feel its existence through thermophysical properties. We explore a way to store and transport it and use light for the " newborn " of the platform. New material-Seaweed Seaweed is a simple plant that lives in the sea. It can not only be used to synthesize organic matter and produce energy through the pigment body and photosynthesis in its own body. And some seaweed can retain the physical characteristics of light during this process, and realize the storage and transportation of sunlight. For example, dinoflagellate can store light during the day and emit light at night, and reflect the water quality by the intensity of the light. At the same time, it also has its own role, including purifying water quality, reducing materials, and increasing the output of marine crops. Renovation object-Oil platform Rooted in the current multiple issues, we must not only solve their functional problems, but also soften their political sensitivity. The platform was transformed into a "public space without borders", including, guiding navigation, food supply, maritime rescue, disaster shelter, residence, entertainment and sightseeing. While giving it functionality, it also includes spiritual uses such as entertainment and cultural diversity. The platform is endowed with different functions in different dimensions, mainly including 3 parts: 1-Upper Part : Sea lighthouse Dinoflagellate seaweed has the characteristics of absorbing sunlight during the day and glowing at night to realize the storage and transportation of light. Using dinoflagellate as a new material to make a "luminous panel" instead of the steel frame above the platform to form a "sea lighthouse". Its main function is: through different scattered combinations of the panel, the position coordinates of different platforms can be distinguished. At night, the algae emit blue light, while guiding, it also forms a marine landscape, which brings comfort to people sailing at night. 2-Middle Part: Offshore farm The plane of the oil platform is transformed into an offshore farm, which grows food and raises livestock, and has multiple functions. Including: food supply, emergency, shelter, residence, entertainment, visits and excursions. It forms a spectacular maritime landscape with the transformed upper "lighthouse". In addition, the seaweed clean energy board is laid above the farm, and the energy board is used to store light energy to provide part of the farm's energy supply. 3-Lower Part: Marine fishery The lower part of the oil platform is a marine fishery. In the early stage, seaweed use light energy reflection to purify water and estimate the water quality by the intensity of light emitted. After ecological restoration, the lower part of the platform can grow fish, shellfish, algae, etc. to form biodiversity. Algae form photosynthesis to form marine carbon fixation and provide good feeding conditions for fishing grounds. Application and prospects At present, the research on seaweed involves many fields: including new energy and new materials, green building application, landscape ecological restoration and even agricultural cultivation, healthy food, etc. This is not only due to its naturalness, extensiveness, and functionality, but more importantly, it can have a strong connection with sunlight and trigger more complex functions. While it has practical applications, it has great potential for the use of seaweed in various aspects in the future. Therefore, we naturally connect seaweed living in the ocean with sunlight and oil platforms.