Daylight in Buildings

Rest in light


弈铭 贺, 默涵 乔


谦 郭,

宏武 杜


South China University of Technology


China - Mainland

Rest in light

Project Description

Light and darkness in the world, as well as being life and death, always stand on the opposite position. Therefore, light and life, darkness and death form a special continuity. We want to break the invisible restriction of this opposition, and closely combine daylight and life. The real death of a person is not to be buried, but to be forgotten. When someone still remember the deceased, the light can still shine on his ashes and continue bringing him the kindness of the world. When no one cares, the passage of sunlight will be closed. And the dead will be buried in the permanent bone-bearing space and sleep forever. We are all greeted by the sun while the first sight of the world, and will leave in the sunshine at last.