Daylight Investigations

REVEAL THE DANGER: Let a moment of tragedy avert by light


Daniel Waju, Biruk Admassu, Habtom Gebrewold, Yonatan Wolde, Ayana kebede, Tesfaye Abebe


Ephrem Nigusie


Addis Ababa University



REVEAL THE DANGER: Let a moment of tragedy avert by light

Project Description

The purpose of any design is tackling the major problems at first and it goes beyond further. We start our journey by questioning What major problems exist surrounding us. Road traffic accident has always been among major problems of human kind leaving millions with disability, billion-dollar damage, a million deaths and chaos in social as well as family life. Among 1.35 million deaths occur globally each year 70%of death happen in developing countries. Even though the causes vary from driver to pedestrian carelessness there are also cases that happen due to the context of the place and mountainous roads take the peak especially for country like Ethiopia where its landscape is largely formed from volcanic plateaus.Our design intervention seeks a solution to dangerous curved roads at mountainous area where the driver can’t notice what is happening beside the mountain. We developed a system to notify a driver if any cars approach using light and shadow casts both at day and night.