Daylight in Buildings

Rhythm on the hill


Duc Nguyen


Long Vuong


Hanoi Architectural University



Rhythm on the hill

Project Description

The hill along the Da River in Hoa Binh city is considered a historical witness to the relationship between the Soviet Union and Vietnam during the resistance war. This location has been a place to “watch” many important events, such as the hydroelectric dam construction to control water, the Da river was built banks and bridges across the river, even the developing of whole city raised up from scattered countryside. Moreover, it is the place associated with a poem about “Balalaika rhythm on Da river”-“Tieng dan Balalaika ben song Da” of the poet Quang Huy in 1979. In response to the values of this context, a small library sprouted up as a mark point during climbing up the hill. It is not only the spectacular city sightseeing or knowledge providing public spaces, but also a place contains spatial specially values of the location. Rhythmic like the poem, the space that readers approach from the foothills will change by times and natural aspects. From the forms when viewed from afar, to the texture where people approach and the feeling when they are reading books. And that rhythm can't be felt without the natural light.