Daylight Investigations

Rippling with Water


Zhiwei Cao, Yiwen Li, Chulei Yang, Jining Kong


Jiaxin Wen


Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture


China - Mainland

Rippling with Water

Project Description

India is under the shadow of the shortage of water resources. Chennai is one of the most droughty places in India. To cope with the burden of fetching water, water wives born, who are a group of miserable women that specialize in getting water for the whole family, these people have a low status in society. Thus we use daylight to construct a device to help them get a better life. The device can not only act as pumps to help taking out the well water and purifying its quality but also shorten water wives' waiting time by reminding them of the number of people waiting. Meanwhile, by reflecting sunlight, the colorful device can beautify the city environment and light up the faces of the miserable water wives.