Daylight in Buildings

Seaside View with Balanced Daylight


Laura Serkowska, Mateusz Semak


Natalia Sokół


Politechnika Gdańska



Seaside View with Balanced Daylight

Project Description

The house was designed by Mateusz Semak in the 3rd semester of Architecture at Gdańsk University of Technology, during Architectural Design course led by professor Jacek Krenz. It is located in Gdynia on “Kamienna Góra” at the Baltic Sea. The main idea of the villa concept was to provide a relaxing space for people with diverse characters and needs. The house consists of uniform panes of glass and stone. The day zone on the ground floor is clearly visible from the outside and glazed. The upstairs night zone lets in less daylight. Residentials’ needs - keep the open view toward the sea - create the balanced daylighting Before changes the living room was not suitable for comfortable use for most of the year. - In march windows needs to be covered in sunny days. Even on cloudy days windows should be partially covered. - In june windows needs to be covered all day - Only in december windows would remain uncovered most of time .But in sunny days they should be partially covered, mainly from the south As a result of the analysis we decided to add some modifications to the project. North-east and south-east walls which were initially completely glazed, became partially built up. We have also expanded the terraces above the rooms. Thanks to them, we gained a covering element without losing the amazing view of the Baltic Sea. These changes will significantly improve the quality of life for the residents of the building. There still will be a need to partially cover the windows on some days but this will not be overwhelming.