Daylight in Buildings

SEEKING FOR BALANCE- a microclimate proposal


Bade Eloğlu, Deniz Çay, BADE ELOĞLU


Natalia Sokół


Politechnika Gdańska



SEEKING FOR BALANCE- a microclimate proposal

Project Description

Ankara, the capital city of Turkey, where there is high density tissue of concrete, there is a large amount of sun due to its geological location and high temperature differences, the effect of global warming and climate changes can now be felt in every detail. The aim of the proposal is to create a microclimate and to create balanced comfort conditions. balance will be seeked with greenery, aim is to use greenery as natural barriers and reduce the effects of global warming, such as overheating and overcooling. The proposed building in new microclimate will be an exhibition area with open plan solutions. With its oval form, the mass aims to get maximum efficiency from daylight and get direct and reflected sunlight from 360 degrees.