Daylight Investigations



Matias San Martin, Javiera Dünner


Javier Del rio


Universidad Andrés Bello


El Salvador


Project Description

This project is designed to be located in the Atacama Desert and its purpose is to create a space through the situations that arise throughout the day depending on the light. These can benefit through this project to the people who visit or inhabit it. During the day, it aims to be a refuge from the sun and its strong luminosity, fulfilling a function similar to sunglasses through its skylights with partial blocks of ultraviolet rays. In addition, the small modules of luminescent material take advantage of the radiation and expel it gently at night. At night, on the other hand, it performs a completely different function through its concave glass skylights with magnification, as it generates a space for star observation protected from the weather. On the other hand, these skylights allow the structure to present the quality of the projection of light and dynamic shadows generated by the natural light of the sky throughout the day. The structure in general is designed so as not to invade the general aesthetic of the landscape, presenting curves and various entrances or exits through asymmetrical openings that, besides being essential for its natural lighting, generate the sensation of mimicry and lightness.