Daylight Investigations

Shade for the Fishing Village


Dehao Chen, Ziheng Zhou, Yuxuan Liu, Zichuan Mu


Difeng Zhou


Qingdao University of Technology


China - Mainland

Shade for the Fishing Village

Project Description

Optional location We chose a small fishing village in Laoshan District, Qingdao City, Shandong Province as the base. The sunshine is long and the light is strong, and the outdoor activities of the villagers will be baked by the sun in the daytime. So People's Daily life and entertainment are mostly indoor, lack of outdoor activity space. Design intention Combining the survival tools and living and communication places of coastal fishermen to create a space that is convenient for people's daily activities and entertainment. Conceptual analysis Coastal sunshine takes a long time; the light is intense, people will be exposed to the sun during outdoor activities during the day, and entertainment and communication are mostly indoors. Most of the indoor light is dim, this design hopes to solve the problem of villagers inconvenient to perform outdoor activities during the day. We think that most of the villagers in this village live by fishing and therefore have a large number of fishing nets. After observation, it is found that the fishermen return to the sea every day to return to the sea to catch and supplement the nets; the space under these nets is a perfect communication area. People are outdoors The time to make up the net is the best time to communicate with each other. The intensity of the hot sunlight will be attenuated by the refraction of the fishing net and then irradiated to the ground. Fishermen can temporarily avoid the sun scorching outdoors and move freely here, and the villagers have a new interaction point in their lives and occupations. The illumination of the fishing net by the sun will increase the fun of projecting light and shadow space on the ground. At night, a simple light source can illuminate the entire communication area; the abandoned fishing net can also simply separate the space, making the entire building light; showing the design's personality. Stacking fishing nets layer by layer allows people to shuttle between different fishing nets. Fishing nets of different textures and specifications disperse light and shadow into light spots of different sizes. This mottle of light and shadow is similar to the shade in the forest. When people go to the sea to catch fish, people climb up the support to remove the fishing net. This place can be used as a place for villagers to dry clothes and food. After returning from fishing, the fishermen naturally enter the daily routine of resting the net. In the state of life, the place is transformed into a natural distribution space for the village. People can gather here to hold events or perform daily entertainment. Support materials After investigation, we decided to use bamboo instead of common steel or steel scaffolding poles are considering bamboo can lower cost and better combined with coast and natural, the most important thing is that in the coastal steel corrosion and rust protection to maintain a large amount of money is spent, and the use of bamboo is completely different worry about these problems.