Daylight in Buildings

Skuffe - object follows sunlight


Piotr Kudelski, Patrycja Piłkowska


Anna Lorens


Politechnika Warszawska



Skuffe - object follows sunlight

Project Description

My project discusses current solutions for shaded building facades and pandemics that the whole world has experienced. I would like to present a new type of window, which is the whole room that comes out of the building, named skuffe. Skuffe - an object that follows the sun, just like plant turning to sunlight. This object is small, movable, modular cubage, which has an effect on interior lighting and energy gains. The operating system is the same as the drawer pull out system, hence the name skuffe (in danish a drawer). The window extends from the building’s face on rails. The rails are attached to the floor layer structure. The window can be used in newly - created buildings, but also can be mounted to existing buildings and regardless of its function, in the office will be perfect, but also in a multi-family building. The window consists of simple elements: flat glass elements, steel frame elements and rails on which the window moves. One window assembly kit takes approximately 2.7 m ³ capacity. For a 20'DC (smallest) container with a capacity of 33 m ³ , 12 such kits will fit in. Thanks to its easy transport, the skuffe can be installed in any place in the world. Energy gains are an additional advantage. When the window slides, catching the sun's rays, it heats up and when it returns inside, it gives heat to the interior of the whole room. The skuffe allows you to see the world through windows from four sides and to introduce more light into the room. This means that each of us can even have eye contact with his neighbor from the apartment next door and send him his smile. The view from the window turns out to be more dynamic, we can look at the sky and around us. When compared to a regular window, the skuffe window has 4 planes through which you can observe the surroundings. The whole world has experienced an epidemic. many people had to stay at home without a garden or balcony. When it comes to problems in the cities and observing certain quarters of buildings, there are many problems that could be partially or completely solved by installing skuffe veneers. The problems faced by people living in a given quarter are: underexposed or dimly lit interiors of apartments or offices (which is caused by the location of windows in the north facade), no possibility to go out on the balcony (there are no balcony or require revitalization) or an apartment, where the view from the window is very limited. Installation of the Skuffe window would have an effect on catching daylight and introducing the light into the interior, diversifying the landscape outside the window with an additional view of the sky and widening the field of view.