Daylight in Buildings



Dominik Janisch, Lukas Zakall


Hildegard Sint


FH Campus Wien




Project Description

Skating, climbing, playing and enjoying culture is the motto of the design: the entire openable east side of the three-storey building leads directly to the cafe with reception and the skate park. A climbing wall stretches all the way up to the wall bordering the Expedithalle in the west. The middle floor, where exhibitions are held, is soundproofed and has its own entrance on the south side. The top floor is suitable for ball sports. The light-guiding elements, which can be opened to the south, ensure the highest possible amount of daylight through the interior of the spatula. Since the roof is designed as a membrane roof, sufficient diffuse daylight is always let into the building. The openings in the roof can be completely closed to avoid being blinded, especially in ball sports, despite good lighting. The openings in the roof can be completely closed to prevent overheating. The facade in the east can also be closed in the same way. An air exchange rate that is appropriate for the sport is achieved through openings above the climbing wall in the west facade. The air flows in below in the east facade.