Daylight in Buildings



guohao you, tianhui yi, qinali Ma


Beijing University of Technology


China - Mainland


Project Description

People have an endless yearning and imagination for the ocean. Many people will play in almost every beach. However, today's coastline is not what he was, all kinds of garbage discarded by people everywhere. Garbage sinking into the seabed is seriously damaging the environment. Countless marine animals have lost their lives by accidentally eating garbage. We tried to create a structure to provide people with a place to shade the sun while playing on the beach. At the same time, it also serves as a marker to warn people of the ecological damage and damage to marine animals caused by marine debris. We draw inspiration from the whale's body shape, combined with the abundant light on the beach and the needs of people's activities. It can not only be discarded by collecting waste glass bottles, but also help people avoid the scorching sun to a certain extent. Different glass bottles reflect different colors in the sun, which make people feel happy and more enthusiastic. At night, unlike the hustle and bustle of the day, it becomes dreamy and peaceful. The glass bottle reflected the moonlight, and the whole structure glowed faintly, looking far away like a whale stranded on the beach, lying silently on the beach. Whether it is colorful during the day or silent and bleak at night, it reminds people of the possible damage caused by marine debris to the environment.