Daylight in Buildings

Su Dongpo Memorial: Recover His Life With Light


Feiyang Peng


Libra Li


Fuzhou University


China - Mainland

Su Dongpo Memorial: Recover His Life With Light

Project Description

If asked about the great poets and writers in ancient China, Su Dongpo would definitely be mentioned. Su Dongpo's real name is Su Shi, after being demoted to Dongpo, he named himself after this place. His poems are very representative in ancient Chinese literature and have a profound impact on future generations. This is also because his life was very dramatic, and after many ups and downs, he was unable to endure the impermanence of the world. Use different shades, widths, and heights in the room to tell Su Dongpo's situation at a certain moment in his life. Combining walls, sunlight and lights to give visitors a visual impact.