Daylight in Buildings



Melissa Rodriguez Martin


Eliana De Queiroz Barbosa


Politecnico di Milano




Project Description

SUNLIGHT PANEL FOR ALL It can be difficult to imagine, but there are a lot of houses in the world that do not have the basic services covered such as electricity or water. The sun is a natural resource but with an intelligent design we can transform it into a tool for creating a more egalitarian world. The project is inspired in the location of Cuernavaca Morelos in Mexico City, where the sunlight is almost available the entire year. This panel is ideal for these places where we can take the advantage of sunlight and produce energy and different uses. This sunlight panel for all was designed to improve the way of living of many people living in houses made of sheets of steel to create electricity, reduce the temperature of the structure and have natural light inside. The sheet of steel can get higher temperatures inside than the environment, the light inside of these places is poor and difficult for the people, besides at night they can't see inside the house without the help of electric light (that is difficult if we consider that they might not even have electricity). The design of the sunlight panel for all is made of recycling plastic translucent with the form of the sheet of steel that is used for this type of places, it is a hollow grease sheet that it can flow the water throw. This process will cool the metal sheet and low the temperature of house’s interior for it will be necessary to use a water pump to circulate the water throw the panel. We will use the solar panels to produce the electricity necessary for this process and for the daily life of its users. The solar panel will be used for the electric parts of the house by a battery that will be stock so the user can have light in the night and use it for another purpose. In addition to the design that is translucent the base of the panel to have natural sunlight and moonlight inside of the place that you can improve the visibility for the people entering the places, reduce the use of electric light. Also, in the parts that will be in touch of the panel with the sheet of steel will be ergonomic with the 60-degree angle, so the water of the rain will go over the panel and also 2 doors waterproof to have access to the solar cells and the water maintenance. The main objective is to improve the way of living of many people that are living with sheets of steal reduce the temperatures of their houses, can have natural light in their houses day and night, eclectic devices or artificial light free at night, to reduce and to use the waste of plastic in the community of the pet or other plastic, for enterprise to preserve better the products or the production in the warehouses, and to reduce the use of electric with natural light.