Daylight Investigations



Rezeda Akhtiamova, Alexandra Chuprina


Ilnar Akhtiamov


Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering


Russian Federation


Project Description

Thinking about light, I realized that I was fascinated by the idea of understanding how architectural methods of working with it affects a person? Using a retrospective approach, I was able to determine the strict dependence of lighting on existing materials and structures at one time or another. They determined the limits of the construction possibilities, and the architect designed the best solutions for a person based on what was acceptable. This relationship structure is still in place. Because of a synthetic analysis of the history of architecture and metanarratives (cultural traditions) of Western Europe, I can guess the trajectory of the architect's work with light. We know that throughout history, the access of the light to a room has depended on the configuration of the window. The shape and size of the opening in the wall determined the space. I believe that in the future it will be possible to get rid of this relation.