Daylight Investigations

Sustainable Alarm Lights-which avoided the dangers of abandoned mines


Yun Wei


Dalian University of Technology


China - Mainland

Sustainable Alarm Lights-which avoided the dangers of abandoned mines

Project Description

Sustainable Alarm Lights-which avoided the dangers of abandoned mines Design Illustration´╝Ü This design aims to design a warning light device that can be placed in an abandoned coal mine area, to remind potential danger to passing vehicles and pedestrians, and to change the color of the lamp as the distance between the vehicle and the lamp changes, representing the distance of the danger. This lamp is a self-sufficient system. It uses the principle of solar power generation and extracts carbon and sulfur atoms to form a two-stage battery for power generation. It is equipped with a device for storing electrical energy to provide sufficient electrical energy for cloudy days and nights. This project is derived from the news of current affairs, and takes China's largest coal province-Shanxi Province as the research object. Its data and design ideas come from the consideration of waste coal research papers and achievements, especially for possible dangers and environment. Inquiry into sustainable problem solving ideas. The warning light responds to future challenges in three ways: First, with the consumption of non-renewable natural resources, especially the development of coal resources, areas like Shanxi Province are faced with the dilemma that abandoned mining areas cannot be effectively rectified and used, and the danger of landslides, landslides or the release of toxic gases threatens The lives of passing people are safe, and during this period, with the help of warning lights, some unnecessary casualties can be effectively avoided. Secondly, the warning light implements the concept of sustainable development, and in the course of its work, the use of advanced research results, the use of excess sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide, carbon dust, and other substances released in abandoned mines are needed to prepare batteries. In addition, solar energy is used to provide absorbable energy. Third, the warning light implements the principle of information collapsing processing, and future equipment will be designed and manufactured in combination with high technology, artificial intelligence and 5G technology. The idea proposed in this design is to take this innovative thinking into account , The car is used as the signal source, and the lamp receives the distance signal through information processing, and the processing is converted into the change standard of the color and brightness of the lamp.